Labeling our unhealthy pain

If you have suffered from difficult episodes of depression, anxiety or other similar psychological troubles, and you do not know why, then you are actually suffering in two ways: first, from these difficult episodes themselves, and second, from the tormenting confusion of not knowing why this is happening to you.

That is why receiving a psychological diagnosis such as chronic depression, bipolar disorder, or anxiety disorder can be quite comforting. It dissipates the fog of confusion. You finally have an explanation as to why you are suffering. You no longer have to wonder what is causing all of this trouble inside of you. The disease now has a label. And with that official label, it becomes easier to gain understanding and sympathy from your friends, family members, and coworkers.

Likewise, if you are suffering from unexplained physical aches and pains, then receiving a diagnosis such as fibromyalgia, restless legs syndrome, or being told by your doctor that your back pain is due to spinal abnormalities can be similarly comforting. It finally explains why you feel these unwanted aches. There is a disease that is somehow separate from you, and it is attacking you. You are the victim of it.

But a label for a disease, as useful as it may be, only describes a set of signs and symptoms. We can say the disease causes our suffering, but what causes the disease itself? What if there was a root cause, even more profound that the disease? What if that root cause was something so simple that most of us never even considered it? Furthermore, what if understanding that root cause meant that we could see the way out of our unpleasant afflictions? Instead of being the victims of illness, what if we could become active participants in resolving our illness?

There is indeed a different way of seeing all of these debilitating conditions. It is called sudism. It helps us understand where all of this unwanted suffering truly comes from. Better yet, it teaches us the path to freedom from these unhealthy aches and pains—the path to sustainable, healthy living. I invite you to learn more about sudism. If you suffer from any of the above conditions, may it help you find the way back to wellness. Your health is ultimately in your hands.

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