The Pan-Affect Chart

The Pan-Affect Chart is a useful overview of all of the main affects (i.e. pleasant or unpleasant sensations) that we experience throughout our lives, and which motivate most of our actions and decisions. They are grouped by category, with pleasant sensations written in green text and unpleasant ones in red. This information was excerpted from the Book of sudism, which contains a more detailed version of this chart. Suggestions and feedback are welcome below.

Physical activity drivers

Pleasant physical activity  

Physical restlessness  
Physical effort  

Physically resting  

Physical fatigue  

Thermal drivers

Pleasant core warming 

Low core temperature  

Pleasant core cooling  

High core temperature  

Pleasant surface warming  

Low surface temperature  

Pleasant surface cooling  

High surface temperature  

Nutritional drivers

Pleasant scents and flavours  

Unpleasant scents and flavours  

Satisfying hunger  

Hunger pains  
Stomach overfulness  

Quenching thirst  

Thirst pains  
Stomach overfulness  


Shortness of breath  

Urinating or defecating  

Urge to urinate or defecate  

Relief from expelling irritants  

Nausea and indigestion  
Urge to cough  
Urge to sneeze  
Urge to gag  

Other physical safety drivers

(no opposites)

Musculoskeletal pains  
Unpleasant sounds  
Unpleasant brightness  
Other surface pains   Other physical pains  

Scratching an itch  


Mental activity drivers

Pleasant mental stimulation  

Mental effort  

Mentally resting  

Mental fatigue  

Social drivers

Pleasant touch  

Longing for touch  

Caring for others  


Feeling cared for  

Feeling uncared for  



Sexual drivers

Sexual attraction  

Sexual curiosity  

Sexual activity  

Sexual desire  
Sexual overactivity  

Being in love  


Expectation drivers

Satisfaction with self  

Disappointment in self  

Satisfaction with others  

Disappointment in others  

Non-specific drivers



Imagination drivers (past, present, future)

Remembering pleasure  

Remembering pain  

Imagining pleasure  

Imagining pain  

Anticipating pleasure  

Anticipating pain  

v1.2. Reproduction (in whole or in part) of this chart must attribute as the source.

The Book of sudism contains a more in-depth version of this chart.

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