All the sodium hiding in your food

Manufacturers add sodium (most commonly in the form of table salt) to many kinds of food and beverage, including things we wouldn’t expect to contain salt, such as sweet-tasting products. To help identify these additives, here is a comprehensive list of sodium-containing ingredients.

Anything with “sodium” or “soda” in the name

Sodium alginate (E401)

Sodium ascorbate (E301, Sodascorbate, Monosodium ascorbate)

Sodium benzoate (E211)

Sodium bicarbonate (E500ii, Baking soda, Bicarb soda, Bicarbonate of sodium)

Sodium bisulfate (E514ii, Sodium hydrogen sulfate)

Sodium bisulfite (E222, sodium hydrogen sulfite)

Sodium carbonate (E500i)

Sodium chloride (table salt)

Sodium citrate (E331, Disodium citrate, Trisodium citrate)

Sodium diacetate (E262)

Sodium erythorbate (E316)

Sodium hydroxide (E524)

Sodium lactate (E325)

Sodium lauryl sulfate (E487, SLS)

Sodium metabisulfite (E223)

Sodium nitrate (E251)

Sodium nitrite (E250)

Sodium phosphate (E339)

Sodium propionate (E281)

Sodium saccharin (E954)

Monosodium glutamate (E621, MSG, Sodium glutamate)

Disodium guanylate (E627, GMP)

Disodium inosinate (E631, IMP)

Disodium phosphate (E339)

Trisodium phosphate (E339, TSP)

Anything with “salt” or “sel” in the name

Andean pink salt

Black salt

Celery salt

Celtic salt (Sel gris)

Curing salt

Flake salt

Flavored salts

Fleur de sel

Garlic salt

Hawaiian salt (Alaea salt)

Himalayan pink salt (Pink salt)

Kala namak salt

Kosher salt

Maldon salt

Onion salt

Pickling salt

Rock salt


Sea salt

Seasoning salt

Smoked salt

Truffle salt

Vegetable salt

Ingredients typically high in sodium

Anchovy paste

Baking powder

Bouillon cubes



Fish sauce

Lemon Pepper

Masala spice mixes

Meat extract

Oyster sauce

Soy sauce (Soya sauce)


Worcestershire sauce

Yeast extract

(The above list is based on dozens of sources. Please let me know if you notice any mistakes or omissions. Thank you!)

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